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Main product application fields

Main product application fields 

Main product application fields



1, Car Brake spring (pull spring);

2, light, medium, heavy truck transmission spring (pressure spring, torsion spring);

3, shock absorbers spring (pressure spring);

4, heavy truck axle wheel side reducer with steel wire gear ring;

5, engine piston pin retaining ring (flat wire shaped spring);

6, clutch spring (pressure spring, alien card spring);

7,Stainless steel spring (pressure spring) for pump valve;

8, railway electric arch system for stainless steel pressure spring, flexible span system for elastic compensator spring;

9,High temperature resistant card spring (alien card spring) for  aircraft brakes;

10, military drone spring (pressure spring, torsion spring);

11, missile launcher for spring (pressure spring);

12,  springs for tanks ;

13,Precision springs for Medical Equipment;

14, Spring for the air-conditioning compress;

15, Spring for the food equipment ;

16, Spring for high voltage switch and circuit breaker (spring for pull spring, pressure spring, torsion spring);

17,Precision flow spring and precision pressure regulating spring for hydraulic system.

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